Alan Cash, MetVital CEO Gives Exclusive Interview on Groundbreaking Metabolic Therapy

Alan Cash, CEO of MetVital, has given an exclusive interview on metabolic therapy

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2019 / In an interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Alan Cash, Metvial CEO describes the process that inspired him to research the mechanism through which caloric restriction slowed the aging process. In doing so, he explored how he might create a means of mimicking this process artificially-no diet required.

He elaborates on how exploring the metabolic process as a physicist inspired a breakthrough when he focused on the effects of changing the ratio between different human energy metabolites. “I found that a metabolite in the Krebs Cycle, ‘Oxaloacetate,’ both lowered NADH and increased NAD+ levels,” he explains in this never-before-printed exclusive, “increasing the ratio by 900%. It was potent, and when I tried it in the laboratory on animals, they lived 25 to 50% longer. It was stunning.”

Alan goes on to examine current and potential future applications of oxaloacetate in disease treatment as well as anti-aging research and explains how MetVital was created to conduct that very research. As it stands now, “Japanese scientists had conducted a human clinical trial using oxaloacetate on diabetic patients. The dose-ranging study used 100 to 1,000 mg of sodium oxaloacetate per day, and the results were fascinating,” Cash says in the interview.

He goes on to elaborate that, “On average, the diabetic patients reduced their fasting glucose (blood sugar) levels by 24%, without side effects. As the reduction of fasting glucose levels is also seen in calorie restriction, we now knew the dosage that would be effective in humans.”

Beyond expounding on MetVital’s metabolic disease-treatment research, Mr. Cash also dives into his philosophy. In the interview, he discusses his habits and motives as an entrepreneur, his preferred technological tools, and how people can overcome early failures.

One key to his success as an entrepreneur has been prioritizing cash flow-easily accessible money-right away in any business venture. “We have always figured out how to cash flow the company very early on,” Cash says in the exclusive. He explains, “This strategy has given us the flexibility to go after the ‘important’ things rather than the ‘convenient’ things.”

In this fascinating exclusive, Cash’s information breaks new ground, and his entrepreneurial spirit inspires.

About Alan Cash

Alan Cash has an MS in Physics from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Cash developed synthetic Oxaloacetate to mimic the metabolic effects of calorie restriction, and thus extend lifespan, in laboratory animals, while researching the molecular and genomic mechanisms of aging as a physicist.

The same science is being examined for a variety of human diseases at the clinical-stage metabolic therapy firm MetVital, founded by Cash. As an entrepreneur, Alan Cash has gained recognition and awards from the White House, INC 500 business, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Deloitte and Touche Technology Fast 50, and Top 100 Hotfirm.

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