19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Goes by the Name of Mr. Frost Creates Successful FX Educational Platform and Mentorship

FrostFXTheMarketMasters Already Has Hundreds of Members from Over 15 Countries

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2019 / Christian J. Smith, a 19-year-old entrepreneur professionally known as “Mr. Frost,” is pleased to announce the success of his community, FrostFXTheMarketMasters. FrostFXTheMarketMasters is an educational platform where people learn how to trade in the Forex Market and connect with other likeminded individuals in the industry.

To learn more about FrostFXTheMarketMasters, please check out https://www.frostfxthemarketmasters.com/#services.

As a spokesperson for Mr. Frost noted, he is already one of the youngest and most successful traders in his industry.

“He is a source of inspiration for many because of his powerful community, FrostFXTheMarketMasters, which already has hundreds of members from across 15-plus countries and produces real results for people that changes lives,” the spokesperson noted, adding that even though Mr. Frost is only 19 years old, he is averaging well over $25,000 per month as a trader, as well an extra $10,000-plus per month from mentorships and his online business.

“Through his journey with FrostFXTheMarketMasters, Mr. Frost has been able to use his talent to help so many different people in the industry to reach financial success.”

From the very start, Mr. Frost always possessed an ability to see things in unique and creative ways, the spokesperson noted. This same vision was able to translate to his success on the charts in the market.

Aside from providing his clients with a structured educational course, Mr. Frost’s main work is mentoring people within the FrostFX community.

“I host webinars in real-time, within the market, during the trading week where we hop on the charts. We look over trades we have taken, trades we plan to take, and overall continue building the foundation and understanding for how the market moves with both fundamental and technical analysis, and how we can use that knowledge, skill, and experience to become consistently profitable within the market,” Mr. Frost said, adding that his main goal is for people to develop self-sufficiency within the market, thus leading them to profitability over time.

“I’m a big believer in the famous quote ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime,'” Mr. Frost said.

“If I were to die, what would happen to those people that are dependent on others and did not learn how to fish? They would starve. Thus why my main role is in teaching people how to fish within this market, so that whether it’s now in the future, a person can choose to walk away from FrostFX and still have a money-making skill set that will last them for a lifetime.”

Mr. Frost has made it his mission to spread love, wealth, and knowledge through FrostFXTheMarketMasters. His goal is to open doors for people by providing them with the same opportunities that he had, and helping to change their lives by harnessing the power of this market and capitalizing on it. He wants to give people the proper guidance and support to help them get through the struggles they are facing and guide their way to success.

About FrostFXTheMarketMasters:

FrostFXTheMarketMasters is an FX educational platform and mentorship, and also offers people full access to the FrostFX community, which features a Support Group and Trade Rooms. FrostFX The Market Masters contains a full online educational platform that educates people on how to trade and understand the market. There is no prior knowledge needed to enroll. People will learn how to get set up correctly so that they can begin their trading career and start profiting. Also get in-depth psychology training, technical analysis training, resources, and access to the FrostFX E-Book Library. For more information, please follow Mr. Frost’s Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/officialfrost/

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