Release Date Set For Supernatural Business By Renowned Entrepreneur Mike Rovner

President of Mike Rovner Construction and Pastor with California’s City Church, Mike Rovner Shares The Biblical Scriptures and Divine Inspiration That Shaped His Success in Business – and in Life

Supernatural Business To Release on Tuesday November 19

MOORPARK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2019 / As President of Mike Rovner Construction Company, Mike Rovner is a nationally-recognized business leader whose company employs over 300 management and staff and earns $60 million in annual revenues. As a Pastor with the Ventura, California-based City Church California, Mike is also a revered faith ambassador who inspires thousands with his messages of prosperity with purpose – all drawn from his own life experiences.

Mike Rovner, author Supernatural Business

Now, with his first book Supernatural Business (release date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019), Mike Rovner shares the biblical scriptures and Divine inspiration that served to guide him throughout his distinguished career. Based on a comprehensive set of faith principals, Supernatrural Business empowers budding entrepreneurs by connecting them to the power of God.

By operating a business in the natural executives must rely on their wits, always striving to outsmart the competition. Success in the natural requires long hours, extensive work and substantial sacrifice. In many cases, success in the natural is hard-fought and short-lived.

Then there is operating a business in the Supernatural, where God helps meet challenges in ways that are lasting – and loving. Prayer is a centerpiece of Rovner’s Supernatural Business. In Matthew 18:19-20, Jesus promises: “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” (MSG). Says Rovner: “Once you establish a relationship with God for your business through thoughtful prayer, you will soon find supernatural results that could never have occurred by operating in a secular fashion. You will still have to work hard – but you will no longer have to be reliant solely on yourself and your abilities to achieve success.”

In Supernatural Business, Rovner unveils how his business practices are guided by strict adherence to his faith, which led him to grow his company from one person to 300 employees, and from humble earnings to revenues of more than $60 million. He inspires with his personal story of how he met Janet, who encouraged him to attend church. How, out of his deep love for her, he gave his life to Jesus on his first Sunday in church – and was arrested the very next day. How he heard from God while in jail that his life would never be the same, then went on to find a local church, and marry the woman who brought him to the Lord.

Bringing unwavering belief and steadfast commitment to his church, Mike Rovner left forever behind a youth of poor choices and embarked on an adulthood that saw him burgeon into a successful general contractor. He started tithing and continued to increase his giving, as God blessed him, his beloved wife Janet and family. He committed himself to the fundamental teachings of his faith, such as humility and integrity.

Supernatural Business is written as an antidote in a world that appears to be operating more and more in the natural.

Leaders in Faith and in Business offer enthusiastic praise for Supernatural Business:

“…Each of us are given a sphere of influence so that we can advance God’s kingdom. My friend, Mike Rovner, has flourished in the business arena by operating in God’s ways and wisdom. He’s witnessed firsthand God’s miraculous provision and intervention because he’s allowed himself to be an extension of the Lord’s ministry here on earth. Through God’s Word and personal stories, Mike will infuse you with faith so that you can powerfully occupy your sphere of influence and experience God’s supernatural work in your own business and life…”

John Bevere
Best-Selling Author and Minister
Co-founder, Messenger International

“…I believe that the Lord is placing godly business ideas and business innovators like Mike Rovner in the marketplace to show the world what is possible when a business operates on the supernatural principles found in this book. God is moving in the marketplace and He is blessing those who make Him the center of all they do. Supernatural Business is a book that will take your business to the next level…”

Jentezen Franklin
Senior Pastor, Free Chapel
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“…Mike Rovner’s Supernatural Business is much more than a business book. Beyond Mike’s outline for key value attributes to run his successful business, Mike elevates the very reason and purpose to run a business in the first place. Beyond a profit/loss statement, Mike’s MRC company serves as an engine to provide opportunities and improve the lives of its employees, vendors, and clients, and contribute its skills, money, and efforts to his ministries. The nature of his learned lessons will be valuable to readers despite what stage they are in their career. Beyond business, Mike offers insightful life lessons as well. Mike’s character and faith resonate through the words in his book. Having worked with Mike for several years, I can attest that Mike really “walks the talk…”

Timothy O’Brien
Senior Managing Director, Legacy Partners

“…Equal in significance to the minister on the platform leading thousands to Jesus Christ is the marketplace leader who funded it. For years, I’ve been saying we need a million business leaders with the kingdom mind-set, revelation, and authority that Mike Rovner carries. Not only has he weaponized his wealth for great eternal consequence, but he has stewarded the influence that accompanies uncommon success and leveraged it to restore lives and deliver tangible hope across every sphere of society. I’m so grateful his journey of faith and inspiring testimony has been documented in Supernatural Business…”

Dominic Russo
Founder, Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day


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