Folloze Advances Intelligent Personalized Marketing With $11M in Series B Funding

Funding and addition of industry leaders to executive and advisory boards will fuel vision to personalize every touchpoint in the customer journey

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Folloze, the leader in applied hyper-personalization, today announced a series B funding round of $11M and the addition of Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase and Sydney Sloan, CMO of SalesLoft to its advisory board, as well as industry veteran Brian Gentile as Chairman of its executive board, to help shepherd its vision for an important new paradigm for B2B marketers – Full-Funnel Personalized Marketing.

“The B2B buying process has changed dramatically in recent years, from the traditional funnel-based perspective to a customer-led, real-time journey and high-value experience,” said Etai Beck, CEO and co-founder of Folloze. “That’s why Full-Funnel Personalized Marketing is so critical today; it represents the ability to power intelligence-based personalized journeys for B2B customers that create relationships based upon information sharing and trust building – not selling. And today, customers will accept nothing less.”

Folloze is leading this new marketing wave by uniting three critical aspects – none of which, on their own, can fully enable marketers to seize upon it:

  • Data and AI: The Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform dynamically combines visitor data, intent data and account data – from multiple sources within and outside a marketing organization’s purview – yielding a depth of personalization previously impossible.
  • Multi-channel: The Platform personalizes across virtually any and all channels used by B2B marketers and sellers, thereby providing a perceived 1-to-1 engagement with B2B customers, and improving conversions across their entire buying journey.
  • Scale: It achieves an unprecedented level of personalization scale from a relatively small amount of creative resources via automation, as well as leveraging the sales channel to extend marketing reach.

“Folloze is disrupting the way B2B marketing has operated over the last decade,” said Peter Isaacson, newly appointed advisory board member. “Traditionally, we’ve relied on marketing automation solutions to send batch emails to large swaths of the universe – which has become less and less effective. Folloze is taking a very different path by enabling B2B companies to deliver personalized communication with messaging and content that has been approved by marketing and delivered by sales; it is circumventing marketing automation systems in a way that is far more effective and relevant for the audience you are after. The company has created a strong footprint in the market and has a fresh vision to continue to grow and play a key role within the B2B ecosystem and ABM.”

The $11M series B round was led by BGV, with participation from Canvas ventures, Cervin Ventures, Grayhawk Capital and SVB. Yash Hemaraj, Partner at BGV, said, “BGV invests in transformational businesses we call Enterprise 4.0, SaaS companies that transform industries and combine Intelligent workflows, AI and unique customer datasets. Folloze clearly falls into that camp, having been able to solve critical problems and power key workflows for some of the most advanced companies in the world. They have a strong vision for improving B2B buying processes by delivering personalized customer journeys at scale, merged with an elegant and effective marketing and sales orchestration process. We have great confidence in the company’s leadership and are extremely impressed by the speed and depth of the company’s innovation.”

“One of the primary reasons ABM has become such a critical B2B strategy is its reliance on delivering highly relevant content to individuals within accounts at the right time,” according to Robert Peterson, Sr. Research Director, Account-Based Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions. “The ability of marketers to identify audiences of one within ABM accounts and map out distinct but interrelated roles in the buying process is essential to driving relevance. Effective personalization comes from an organizational commitment to being insight-driven, and to investing in the tools and processes that leverage these insights to optimize content and the buying experience itself.”

Concluded Beck, “This latest funding, and our esteemed new board members, are reflections of the success customers like Autodesk, Cisco, Marketo, Microsoft and Oracle are seeing by leveraging Folloze to deliver self-managed, value-driven journeys for their own customers, today and in the future.”

Meet the people behind the news through the company’s announcement video.

About Folloze

Folloze is the leader in applied hyper-personalization. Its Personalized B2B Marketing Platform enables enterprises to power tomorrow’s B2B buying journey by delivering full-funnel hyper-personalization at any scale, across multiple channels and use cases, while generating deep engagement intelligence for sales. Folloze clients quickly and easily create a richly personalized journey for each of their customers by combining external and internal data, artificial intelligence, and precise sales and marketing orchestration, resulting in dramatically improved demand generation, increased customer conversions, higher levels of ABM program success, and campaigns that drive greater return-on-investment.

Founded in 2013 by marketing and technology veterans, the company proudly serves the largest and most sophisticated enterprises with global deployments. Folloze is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with a development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. To learn more, visit:



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