Sage Microelectronics and Everspin Partner to Bring Spin-transfer Torque MRAM to Next Generation Enterprise SSD Devices

CHANDLER, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FMS19Everspin Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: MRAM), the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) persistent memory solutions, announced its partnership with Sage Microelectronics Corporation. Sage’s new Enterprise Grade Flash memory controller will provide native support for Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM memory. Sage Microelectronics controllers with Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM enable storage system designers to increase the reliability and performance of systems where high-performance data persistence is critical by delivering protection against power loss without the use of supercapacitors or batteries.

Sage is one of the market leaders in China’s SSD market segment offering SSD storage solutions and also delivering high-performance RAID/Port-Multiplier controllers. Sage provides cutting-edge, enterprise-class controllers for industries including, aerospace, automotive, industrial and data center storage solutions. Sage SSD ASIC controller with Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM part is one of the world’s 1st STT-MRAM powered SSD ASIC controllers and offers storage system designers more effective management of I/O streams, creating a higher degree of latency determinism. It also allows storage OEMs to significantly improve quality of service.

“As enterprise SSD manufacturers seek smaller form factors and increased performance, STT-MRAM delivers high-speed, non-volatile write buffer which enables higher performance and storage density,” said Rizwan Ahmed, Everspin Vice President of Marketing. “Everspin is excited to see the support for our 1 Gb STT-MRAM technology in Sage’s next-generation enterprise SSD controllers.”

“Adding native support for Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM to our controllers allows data centers and enterprises to protect against power failures, and dramatically improve quality of service,” said Jianjun Luo, Sage founder & CEO. “Everspin’s STT-MRAM is the best solution available for SSD designers to optimize footprint, performance, endurance, and reliability, and Everspin’s STT-MRAM will be incorporated into our complete ASICS product portfolio.”

Everspin will host multiple technical sessions at the MRAM Developer Day and Flash Memory Summit conferences in Santa Clara, California (Aug 5-8). Also visit Everspin at Booth #319 and Sage Micro at Booth #626 at FMS.

About Sage

Sage Microelectronics Corporation, a semiconductor company, provides integrated circuits and solutions for digital storage and data security applications as well as computer peripheral controller ICs. It offers MMC/eMMC/USB flash controllers, SSD controllers, bridge controllers, disk array and port-multiplier controllers as well as the modules built with these dedicated ICs. It also provides their unique features such as security and multiple partitions. The company acquired Initio Corp and expanded its business to computer peripheral bridge chips. Headquartered in Hangzhou City of China, it also has its R&D team in Beijing, Taipei and the Silicon Valley in California.

About Everspin Technologies

Everspin Technologies, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM), delivering unprecedented performance, non-volatility, endurance and reliability for applications where data persistence is paramount. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Everspin is transforming the memory market with the largest and most diverse foundation of MRAM customers. For more information, visit NASDAQ: MRAM.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding future events that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from the expectations disclosed in the forward-looking statement, including, but not limited to; the anticipated market adoption of Everspin’s products and technology at the rate Everspin expects; the ability for Everspin to expand the markets Everspin addresses at the rate it expects; the risk that unexpected technical difficulties may develop in the final stages of development or production of its products, or when Everspin’s customers may ship in volume. Readers are advised that they should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements and should review the risk factors included in Everspin’s Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 9, 2019, under the caption “Risk Factors.” Subsequent events may cause these expectations to change, and Everspin disclaims any obligations to update or alter these forward-looking statements in the future, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


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