MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Feedback Conference and Star Concert Tour Day 1!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2019 /
On June 26, 2019, the MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Feedback Conference and the Star Concert Tour officially started! Thousands of members from around the world are ready to set off.

On the 26th, members from around the world arrived at MGC TOKEN hotel for check-in. MGC TOKEN also prepared exquisite gifts for members around the world. Upon arrival at the hotel, members received the exquisite gift packages prepared by MGC TOKEN. There are MGC TOKEN uniformly customized garments and gift bags , and also MGC TOKEN towel, luggage tag, mosquito bite ointment and sunscreen which MGC TOKEN carefully prepared for members. MGC TOKEN also prepared travel brochures for members, who can learn about travel itineraries in advance.

On the same day, MGC TOKEN staff wore uniforms and custom-made welcoming logos at the hotel reception desk to help members check in and distribute gifts. after waiting for the member to arrive at the hotel reception. Members had free activities after checking in. Some of the members who arrived at the hotel in advance chose for outing sightseeing , while others choose to have a rest in the hotel. They looked forward to take off next day.

Surprisingly, however, some global members arrived at Bangkok Airport in Thailand on the 26th and they are looking forward to this meeting. All MGC TOKEN members attending the conference are expected to arrive in Bangkok, Thailand on the evening of June 27!

MGC TOKEN Asia Pacific Regional Feedback Conference and Star Concert Day 1 was successfully concluded! Through the event, it can be seen that MGC TOKEN global members are passionate about it and they look forward to the following days. We are also looking forward. See you in Bangkok on June 28th!


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