Rick Rahim Discusses Fanatical Customer Service

GREAT FALLS, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2019 / “I used to be the typical business owner,” says Rick Rahim, President of BusinessVentures.com. “Bad customers really frustrated us and we sometimes hated the ones we knew were trying to get over on us.”

Rahim has founded and still currently owns multiple successful businesses in his career as a serial entrepreneur. Among Rick’s current businesses are several eCommerce retailers generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Rahim’s current companies process and ship several thousand orders to individual consumers on a daily basis. According to Rick, a very small percentage of customers always seem to be taking advantage of the retailers they buy from.

“Once or twice a day, someone on our staff comes to me and tells me how a certain customer is ‘definitely’ taking advantage of us,” Rick says. “There are certainly a few very savvy consumers out there who know how to work the system,” according to Rahim.

“These customers used to bother me. In the past, we used to want to confront certain people and call them out,” Rick says. “But I finally came to the realization that the energy expended far exceeded the cost savings and personal satisfaction we would feel in confronting difficult customers.”

According to Rahim, he has learned that problem customers are sometimes just “…the cost of doing business. Even when we have to issue refunds, re-ship, or offer concessions.” Rick says fighting these types of customers on principle alone “just isn’t worth it in the long run, no matter how good it will make you feel.”

Rick explains, “If you measure the extra time expended by
staff and the management team, plus the risk of an offended customer, the math just does not add up.” Rahim says “Now, we’re more comfortable with making the customer happy, even if we suspect they are lying to us.” He says it’s just not worth the trouble of spending so much time chasing down the lost costs or profits on the smaller orders.

Though he readily says he hasn’t always had this philosophy in the past, according to Rick Rahim, “The best policy for scaling and growing your business is to truly strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Even when you distrust the occasional specific customer. This is something I wish I better understood ten years ago.”

“After all, that customer who may be ‘working the system’ is also the exact same customer who will likely keep causing you issues and draining your resources if you fight them.”
Rick’s advice is to do your best to solve the problem with that customer’s order, let them feel they have won, and move on to making your profit on the next customer.

Rick Rahim

*Rick Rahim is the President of BusinessVentures.com, a management firm through which he has founded or acquired many businesses in the past 13 years. He is also a private airplane pilot, helicopter pilot, volunteer, scuba diver, children’s book author, and devoted husband
and father.

SOURCE: BusinessVentures.com

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